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Batteries and chargers


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Our batteries and charger are geared towards use with our electrosim equipment. We offer both NiCd and NiMh 9V batteries and reduced rates when purchased with a unit.

Cat. No.     Description

B3100        Alkaline Battery, AA (4 per pack)

B3200        Charger, 9 Volt

B3250         Heavy Duty 9 Volt (Non-Alkaline)

B3255         Alkaline Battery, 9 Volt

B3260         NiMh Rechargeable Battery, 9 Volt (170 mAh)

B3265         NiCd Rechargeable Battery, 9 Volt (120 mAh)

B3270*       NiMh 9V Recharger Set

B3275*       NiMh 9V Recharger Set with purchase of
                 any stimulator

B3280*       NiCd 9V Recharger Set

B3285*       NiCd 9V Recharger Set with purchase of
                 any stimulator

* Recharger sets include one 9V charger and two batteries


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