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EMS (Muscle Stimulators) - Analogue

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For analogue muscle stimulators, we have the EMS 2000 which has served very well for both clinics and individuals, and the EMS 5000, a low cost home unit.


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EMS 2000

This analogue muscle stimulator has features useful for both the clinical and home setting. The frequency is adjustable, as is the ramp up time and the contraction on / off time. The dual channels can cycle in synchrony, or in reciprocation (channel 1 on time = channel 2 off time and vice versa). There is a constant mode for initial setup.


Intensity:               Adj. 0 - 98 mA
Pulse Rate:             Adj. 1 - 80 Hz.
On Ramp:                0 - 8 seconds
Off Time:                1 - 60 seconds
On Time:                 1 - 60 seconds
Pulse Width:            300 microseconds
Stimulation Modes:   Cycled, constant or reciprocation
Waveform:              Symmetrical biphasic square

Catalogue No. S1000



A simple EMS unit designed for home use. There are 3 fixed frequency settings, and 3 ramp times. Contraction time (up to 30 sec) and relaxation time (up to 45 sec) are variable. The unit features a flip top to protect the amplitude controls and a hinged battery / settings compartment cover.


Intensity:            Adj. 0 - 80 mA
Pulse Rate:          5, 30, 100 Hz
Pulse Ramp:         1, 3, 5 seconds
Contraction:        Variable 1 - 30 seconds
Relaxation:          Variable 1 - 45 seconds
Waveform:           Modified square wave with zero net 
                         direct current

Catalogue No. EA-5000

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