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TENS - Digital

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We offer 3 new digital TENS units: the TENS 6000, the Biostim LX and the Biostim M7


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TENS 6000

A deluxe TENS unit which features digital accuracy and control using an easy to read LCD screen and simple digital controls, while maintaining analogue amplitude control. It is packed with features, including 5 modes of operation: Continuous, Burst, MRW (modulated rate and width), SD (strength duration - amplitude/pulse width) and BiPulse modes. The unit has a variable treatment timer, low battery indicator function and a patient compliance timer. Amplitude controls are protected with a flip-open cover.


Intensity:       0 - 80 mA peak each channel
Pulse Width:   Adj. 50 - 300 mcs.
Modes:          Burst, Normal, MRW, SD and Bi-Pulse
Pulse Rate:     Adj. 2 - 150 Hz.
Waveform:     Asymmetric, biphasic square-pulse

Catalogue No. TD-6000



An excellent quality digital TENS with large, easy to use push buttons. Unit has a hinged display screen that can be positioned to suit individual needs. Offers two unique burst mode settings: burst 1 has adjustable pulse rate, 0.5 seconds on then 0.5 seconds off: burst 2 is a set pattern. Comes complete with adjustable treatment timer. Uses 4 AA batteries.


Intensity:       Adj. 0 - 98 mA peak
Pulse Width:    Adj. 10 - 250 mcs.
Modes:           Continuous, Burst 1, Burst 2, & Modulation
Pulse Rate :    Adj. 1 - 150 Hz.
Waveform:      Asymmetrical, biphasic square-wave

Catalogue No. TD-BSLX



A superior quality multi-function digital TENS. This unit has the capability to modulate rate/width individually or combined. Offers two unique strength duration modes where the set pulse width increases, while the set pulse rate and amplitude decrease over a 3-second period. Comes complete with patient timer and compliance meter. Uses 4 AA batteries.

Intensity:       0 - 98 mA peak
Pulse Width:   Adj. 10 - 250 mcs
Modes:           Continuous, Pulse Rate / Width Modulation, SD1, SD2 and Burst
Pulse Rate:     Adj. 1 - 200 Hz.
Waveform:     Asymmetrical, biphasic square-wave

Catalogue No. TD-BSM7



The Classic TENS is an advanced and modern digital dual channel TENS unit featuring 12 built-in programmes and 2 customizable constant mode programmes. Three different treatment modes provide maximum flexibility for pain relief.

Intensity: Adj. 0 - 80 mA peak
Pulse Width: Adj. 50 - 300 mcs.
Modes: Continuous, Burst & Modulation
Pulse Rate (Frequency): Adj. 1 - 200 Hz.
Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular biphasic

This unit also features:
Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the output of channel A or B the output current will be reset at zero.

Automatic switch off: after 4 minutes if unit is not in use

Catalogue No. TD-5500

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